4" x .014 Threaded Crimped Wire Wheels Brush
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Crimped wire wheels brushes are less aggressive than knot wires for lighter-duty applications. Crimped wire is also more flexible and leaves a superior weld finish. For weld cleaning, scale, rust, paint, adhesive and oxidation removal, cleaning light deburring, flash removal and more!


 Part Number 82316 82195  82367
 Sizes Available:   4"  x 5/8-11"
 Specification:  Stainless Steel Wire   Carbon Steel Wire   Brass Wire 
 Wire Size: .014 .014 .014
 Max RPM:     12,500
 Application:  Stainless Steel    Carbon Steel    Brass or Copper
 Tool: 4.5" Angle Grinder


  • Item #: CEPAL.PFE-82

4" x .014 Threaded Crimped Wire Wheels Brush

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