Abrasive Rolls 1" x 10 mt - KL385 Klingspor
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Whether you're a turner, a carver or just need to sand that certain little spot, you'll be raving too if you try Shop Rolls from KLINGSPOR (not for use in drum sanders)

This long lasting, cloth-backed, aluminum oxide material from KLINGSPOR'S ABRASIVES is specially woven to be extremely flexible yet get you through those situations when you must fold, crimp and twist your sandpaper to the desired shape. You pick the length, you pick the width and perform those hard-to-complete tasks with Shop Roll material.

Many Klingspor materials are available in roll form, with or without velcro or glue backing. Your applications may benefit from being able to fabricate your own sanding pieces from rolls. In addition, our economy roll materials are quite possibly the very best in the business. For quick touch ups and the sanding of shaped surfaces, Klingspor rolls cannot be beat!


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Abrasive Rolls 1" x 10 mt - KL385 Klingspor

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