Angle Grinders

Below you will find a selection of available discs that can be mounted on Angle Grinders. From high stock removal to fine mirror finish of steel, stainless steels as well as non ferrous metals, these wheels offer exceptional grinding power that can tackle any job quickly and efficiently, saving time in the process.

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    Please browse our selection and if you have any questions on the products please contact usso we may assist you further. We like to ensure our customer can have access to the right tool for their specific job or application.

    Recommendations for Use:


    These are quality discs that requires a quality tool so that together they can deliver the maximum amount of grinding power for your money! We recommend these wheels be used on Variable Speed Angle Grinders such as the Varilex or machines with 1000 watts or more in order to be able to break the grain and extend the life of the wheel, saving you money in the longrun.


    These discs are also for use on a 30 degree angle and corner grinding; Not for full-face down grinding.