CS Unitec Finger Belt Sander
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Ideal for angles and tight spaces, as well as pipes and curves. The swivel-mounted arm, with 140° flexibility, reaches into corners, grooves and folds.

The LBS 1105 VE finger belt sander saves time grinding in confined and difficult areas. It uses belt sizes 3/16" to 1-1/8" wide by 21" long. The sanding arm rotates up to 140° for reaching into corners, grooves and folds, including pipes and curves.

The finger sander is ideal for grinding, blending, polishing and deburring ferrous and nonferrous metal. It also works on wood, plastic, fiberglass and other material. Speed is adjustable from 13 to 39 ft./sec.

Power  Electric: 6.1 Amp
Speed  13 to 39 ft./sec


Belt Size


  3-/16 to 3/8" x 21" for 3/16 Sanding Curved Arm (round pipe construction) 

  1-1/8" x 21" for 1-1/8 Sanding Arm (sold separately)

Weight   5.5 lbs

Item Code


Machines comes stocked with 3/16 Curved Sanding Arm with Metal Box for storage and sample belts.

  • Item #: CS.LBS1105VE

CS Unitec Finger Belt Sander

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