Cotton Buffing Wheels
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These cotton buffing wheels are very strong and include one stitched for every inch. They are made in the USA.

Please review the Max RPM per each diameter available below:

1” – 18,000 RPM

2” – 18,000 RPM

3” – 5,000 RPM

4” – 4,000 RPM

6” – 2,500 RPM

8” – 1,800 RPM

10” – 1,800 RPM


Directions for use: Please watch out for Max RPM. Wheels ran at higher speeds can catch fire. When buffing the less heat the better, so the lower you can run these wheels the longer the life of the wheel, and the less time consumed getting the required finish. For these and many other reasons, we recommend the Varilex Variable Speed Grinder or the PTX Linear Grinding System depending on your application.

Feel free to contact us with any question!

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Cotton Buffing Wheels

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