DYNAFLUX HTR 121 Heat Tint Removal System
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The HTR121 Heat Tint Removal Machine is an electro-chemical system that quickly and economically removes heat tint and discoloration from welded heat-affected zones on stainless steel after T.I.G. welding applications. A light application of Dynaflux HTR-120 Solution using either a spoon or roller applicator eliminates grinding, sanding, buffing and polishing. Cleans and passivates in one easy step.

Power:   Electric: 115v
Complete Machine Include:

  16 oz. Bottle of HTR-120 Solution

  1 bag of applicators 

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Complete Machine with Spoon Applicator

Complete Machine with Roller Applicator

Complete Machine with Brush Applicator 

For a video on the use of this tool please visit the Dynaflux You Tube channel. (You will be redirected away from this webpage)

Additional accessories and solutions sold separately.

  • Item #: DYN.HTR121

DYNAFLUX HTR 121 Heat Tint Removal System

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