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Abra-Metal offers free consultations for your abrasives, tools and finishes. If you want to try any of the tools or abrasives we carry in stock or simply learn new tricks with new products hiting the market today, we can organize a visit to your facilities or you can schedule a time to stop by our shop. also offer demo tool rentals and instruction by the hour.

If you require a demo for a special tool that we don't stock, we can still arrange a demo but there is an additional shipping charge that starts at $50.00. The amount varies by tool, but the charge can later be used towards purchase.  

Choose the theme you would like to Demo & Practic and add it to the cart. The cost for each seminar includes an abrasive kit for your selection. To personalize this kit please add what material you want to work on in the Special Instructions, along with your contact info at check out and we will contact you to arrange. 


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Demo & Practice

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