Mirror Finish Trizact 4.5" Complete Kit
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This Kit Includes:

5 - 4.5" TZ Pyramid Discs in grits 320-400-600-1200-2000

1 - 4.5" Super Polish Disc

1 - 4.5" Backing Pad

1 - Pink Polishing Compound 2 oz tube

TZ Pyramid Disc is a new abrasive fabric with pyramid-shaped grit structure. Allows high material removal while producing a very fine finish. FIX TZ Pyramid discs reduce the amount of work required compared to grinding belt sleeves and fleece sleeves and are ideal for pre-polishing for later mirror finishes and for removing scratches and spot welds. An additional absorption coating drastically reduces the grinding temperature and protects the Hook & Loop components and the workpiece.

SuperPolish Disc is a new, special needle fleece that produces a perfect, brilliant mirror finish on stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Used with our polishing compounds to avoid smears and shadows. SuperPolish is absorbent, does not smear and saves lots of work time.

Tip: When polishing with SuperPolish Discs, use a separate SuperPolish disc for each compound and cream. The different compound grits must not be mixed. Remove compound and cream residues from the workpiece after each stage using POLY-PTX® lime and a microfiber cloth.

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Mirror Finish Trizact 4.5" Complete Kit

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