Natural Fiber Disc 100% Use for All Metals
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This 4.5" x 7/8" Zirconia Green Pioneer Natural Fiber also comes in sizes 5" and 7" and is available in Grits #36 only. This Natural Fiber Disc ZA-P43 Premium wheel is designed for use on Steel and Aluminum. It cuts thru any metal like no other wheel out on the market and you can trim the disc until it is used 100%. It removes roughtly 40% more material in less time saving you time and money! For more information on comfortable aggression of the TYROLIT PIONEER Natural Fiber disc click here.

 Part Number 706125 706125
 Sizes Available: 4.5" x 7/8" 7" x 7/8"
 Specification: ZA-P43 
 Form: 28
 Max RPM: 13,300 8,600
 Application: Steel / NF Metals
 Tool:   4.5" Angle Grinder 
7" Angle Grinder

Note: You do not need a backing pad with this product.

  • Item #: DTL.7061

Natural Fiber Disc 100% Use for All Metals

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