PTX "TZ" Pipe Pre-Polishing Pyramid Belts
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This new abrasive cloth with pyramid-shaped grit structure allows high material removal while producing a very fine finish, reducing the amount of work required when compared to grinding belt sleeves and fleece sleeves. Pyramid sleeves are ideal for pre-polishing for fine mirror finishes and for removing scratches and spot welds. Even roller scale can be removed easily. 

Use these 5 grits below to achieve a fine mirror finish on stainless steel using the PTX Roller Adapter!

Available Grits: 280 - 400 - 600 - 1200 - 2000

Size: 1.2 x 24"

Max RPM: 3,500 RPM

  • Item #: CS.PTX-TZ-49

PTX "TZ" Pipe Pre-Polishing Pyramid Belts

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