Pipe-Max Weld Seam Grinder & Pipe Sander
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The Pipe-Max is a combination grinder and pipe belt sander. The front hard rubber contact roller drives the abrasive belt to grind flat surfaces. It removes weld seams in a straight line, without leaving edges or wavy finish. For sanding pipes or handrails, it is a flexible tool. The sanding belt follows every contour to grind and polish up to a high-gloss finish. The belt wraps around the pipe and requires only a few steps to polish the entire circumference. It is ideal for stainless steel, aluminum and high quality metals. Please specify electric or pneumatic when ordering.

Power   Electric: 11 Amps / 1200 Watts 
  Pneumatic: 33 CFM @ 90 PSI
Speed   33-100 ft. /sec.
Belt Size   23"-1/3 L x 15"-5/8 W

Pipe OD Max Electric

Pipe OD Max Pneumatic



Item Code Electric

Item Code Pneumatic



Price   Electric: $1,095.00
  Pneumatic: $1,395.00

Electric machines comes with sample belts. Add a mirror finish kit for $100!

  • Item #: CS.38502A

Pipe-Max Weld Seam Grinder & Pipe Sander

Price: $995.00
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