Quick Change Angle Grinder
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This angle grinder has been specifically design for grinding and finishing work using Quick Change Discs. It's ergonomic design, high output and light weight makes it convenient to use. It has an digital electronic speed control that ensures constant RPM even under load. It also has restart protection on power failure. This double insulated and reliable workhorse will be your go to machine for many different projects.

Part Number RPM Voltage Amp Spindle Thread dB(A) Weight Lenght Width
91200 9,000-20,000 120 4.6 1/4-20 83 2.96 10.24" 3.07"




Output: 0.4 HP/300 Watts

Accesories Included:

1 key

10" power cord

  • Item #: UGER.91200

Quick Change Angle Grinder

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