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PFERD Quick Roll Connect Backing Pad

A flexible backing pad for Quick Change Discs, this high quality connecter is available in either soft, medium or hard.

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Pro Tip

Use Flap Discs

To decrease your work time, consider using a flap disc for grinding applications in place of a traditional grinding disc. Flap discs grind 40% faster and are more efficient for most grinding applications. Flap Disc Abra-Metal Abrasives Online Store

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Angle Grinder Adapters

PFERD Minigrinder Adapter Insert 5/8" Bolt to 3/8" Insert/Nut

Screw-in adapter for reducing 5/8"-11 threads to common smaller thread sizes. Used on wire cups and wheels.


Brush ThreadTool SpindleItem NumberPrice
5/8"- 113/8 - 24ADA.20011965$5.00
5/8"- 11M10 x 1.2584645Call
5/8"- 11M10 x 1.584646Call

KLINGSPOR Arbor Adapter

Screw-in adapter increases 5/8"-11 threaded bolt to 7/8". For use on cutting and grinding discs on angle grinders. Designed for use on discs with depressed center. Not recommended for re-use.


Disc Type Item NumberPrice
Grinding 4.5" x 1/4" x 7/8" ADA.CP59FP3P$9.50
Grinding 7" - 9" x 1/4" x 7/8" ADA.CP59FP7P$9.50
Cutting 4.5" x 1/8" x 7/8" ADA.CP59H3C$9.50
Cutting 7" - 9" x 1/8" x 7/8" ADA.CP59H7C$9.50

PFERD Re-usable Arbor Adapter Kit

Reusable hub for use with 7" and 9" type 27 wheels on angle grinders. Screw-in adapter increases 5/8"-11 threaded bolt to 7/8". May be re-used due to stronger construction and secure locking nut.


Disc TypeItem NumberPrice
Type 27 7" - 9" x 1/4" x 7/8" PFE.69009$25.00

MAKITA Outer Flange Lock Nut

Fits depressed center wheels. For use with grinding wheels, flex wheels and multi-discs. Fits most brands 4-1/2", 5", & 7" grinders.


Grinder TypeItem NumberPrice
4" - 9"MA193465-4$9.50

MAKITA Inner Flange Lock Nut

Inner flange for use on Angle Grinders.


Grinder TypeItem NumberPrice
4" - 9"MA224378-9$8.00

Reducer Bushings

Klingspor Bushing

For use on unmounted wheels, these are high quality bushings expected from a brand of Klingspor's caliber.


ProductDia.Item NumberPrice Pair
Klingspor Bushing1" to 5/8" ADA.KLI-FLUT-SP$6.00
Klingspor Bushing1/2" to 1/4" ADA.KLI-FLUTTER$6.00

PFERD Plastic Bushings

Abra-Metal provides a complete assortment of plastic bushings to mount bench wheels on your grinder or for other general adapting needs. Do not exceed RPM's listed on wheels. Note that smaller spindles often run at a higher RPM.


Diameter "Item NumberPrice
1" Wide, 1" to 3/4", 5/8", 1/2"ADA.PFE69011$2.50
0.5" Wide 1" to 3/4", 5/8", 1/2"ADA.PFE69018$2.50
1" to 3/4"ADA.0134$0.50
3/4" to 5/8"ADA.03458$0.50
5/8" to 1/2"ADA.05812$0.50
1/2" to 3/8"ADA.1238$0.50
22.2mm to 5/8"ADA.7858$0.75
1-1/2" to 1-1/4"ADA.112114$0.75
1-1/4" to 1"ADA.1141$0.75
1-1/4" to 3/4"ADA.11434$0.75

TYROLIT Metal Bushings

Abra-Metal provides a complete assortment of metal bushings for use on saw blades, abrasive discs, diamond discs and more.


Diameter "Item NumberPrice
7/8" to 5/8"ADA.TYR00099$1.50
1" to 20mmADA.TYR00106$1.00

Straight Grinder Adapters

DIVINE BROTHERS 1/4" Tapered Mandrel

This mandrel is required for use with Goblet Buffs. One end has a threaded taper which screws into goblet buffs. The other end has a 1/4" mandrel which can be inserted into your electric or air drill or straight grinder. Observe maximum RPM - 3,600.


Goblet TypeShank LengthShank Dia..Overall LengthItem NumberPrice

Klingspor Cartridge Roll Arbor

Pilot ShankPilot LengthShankTotal LengthID CodeList Price

PFERD Drive Arbor - Nut

Nut can be removed to replace worn brush while arbor is in chuck.

Fits Brush IDWheel WidthShaft Dia.Head/Washer Diam.Overall LengthItem NumberPrice
1/4"Up to 3/4"1/4"1/2"2-1/2"ADA.21009 (PFE.84657)$14.90

PFERD Drive Arbor - Flat Head

Brush mounts between a single washer and the flat head. Locked in place with a left-hand reverse threaded nut. This allows the brush to be close to the workpiece. Threaded shaft.

Fits Brush IDWheel WidthShaft Dia.Head/Washer Diam.Overall LengthItem NumberPrice
3/8"Up to 3/8"1/4"3/4"1-5/8"ADA.PFE.53040 (PFE.84654)$6.00
1/2"Up to 3/8"1/4"7/8"1-7/8"ADA.PFE.53041 (PFE.84655)$6.00

PFERD & Klingspor Drive Arbors

Drive arbors for mounting die grinder cutting wheels with 3/8" or 1/4" arbor hole into collet-equipped air and electric tools. Leave the shank inserted in collet while changing arbor hole sizes with this COMBO Drive Arbor. Observe maximum RPM: 30,000.


ProductShank Dia.Item NumberPrice
3/8" & 1/4" Drive Arbor3/8" and 1/4"ADA.PFE69028$14.50

PFERD Arbor for POLIVLIES Spindle Mount Discs

Use this drive arbor to mount up to three POLIVLIES discs on one arbor for finishing difficult contours. Arbors are supplied with one pair of metal discs (2" and 3") for lateral flexibility and adjustment. The tool can be changed from the front by slackening the mounting screw without arbor removal.


Shank Dia.Mounting Dia Clamping WidthItem NumberPrice

PFERD & Klingspor Rubber Drum Holder - Cylindrical Type

Slotted rubber drum holders available in cylindrical shape. For use with abrasive spiral bands. Also available in tapered type - call to order.


Dia. LengthShank Dia.Item NumberPrice
1"1"1/4PFE.41982 / KLI-RD11$11.00

PFERD Flap Wheel Arbors

These arbor and flange combos are intended specially for use with unmounted wheels. Clamping flanges are held in the tool recess. This provides optimum facedown grinding, even near edges and corners. Comes with 1/2" arbor and 2 flanges plus suitable screws for various flap wheel widths.

Shank Dia. Clamping Width "Fits Flap Wheel IDFor Wheel DiameterItem NumberPrice

PFERD Flap Wheel Arbors

These reducing flanges can be used with unmounted wheels on a staionary machine (Bench Grinder).


Fits Flap Wheel IDBore "For Wheel DiameterItem NumberPrice

PFERD Cylindrical, Radius End & Cone End POLICAP Holders

DiameterLengthShankMax. RPMPrice

PFERD Tapered Cylindrical POLICAP Holder

DiameterLengthShankMax. RPMPrice

Klingspor SMD 612 Mounting Plate for Mac Mop

SMD 612 Mounting Plates are REQUIRED for KLINGSPOR's Mac Mop. Mounting plates offer top quality alignment for your Mac Mop and can be used repeatedly. Available in custom arbor hole sizes.


ODArbor HoleItem NumberPrice
3"Converts 1" to 5/8"ADA.SM612MOP$10.75/set

Quick Change Adapters

PFERD Quick Roll Connect Backing Pad

Diameter "BackingID Code List Price
1.5Medium $13.00
2Medium $14.00
3Medium $18.50
3Hard $19.00

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