We offer abrasives such as cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing discs and wheels, for all types of machines, for works on surfaces of metals such as steels, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, as well as wood, granite, glass, stone and plastic surfaces.

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Industrial Power Tools

We offer a wide range of professional Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic industrial equipment and specialty tools for surface modification, preparation and finishing. We offer industrial abrasives, saws, drills, grinders, sanders, vacuums, bevelers, as well as polishing equipment and finishers for linear, pipe and difficult to access surfaces. We can also quote safety tools such as ATEX certified tools and non sparking tools. 

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Pferd Brushes for Maintenance and Power Cleaning available at Abra-Metal in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Power & Maintenance Brushes

Abra-Metal offers world class power and maintenance wire brushes for the cleaning of any surface, from the deburring of pieces, or deep cleaning of welding cords to brushes and brooms for the workshop.

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We stock premier welding industry aids. From state-of-the-art cooling systems to sprays and coatings that help you work more efficiently, we are committed to being your quality source for welding and maintenance related innovations worldwide.

Arbors, Bushings, Mandrils & Spare Parts

Small parts are hard to keep in check at the workplace. We carry backing pads, adapters, arbors, bushings, mandrils, nuts, flanges, and more. 


  • We stock abrasives, tools and products for fast delivery.
  • We offer complementary delivery anywhere in Puerto Rico + we ship worldwide. 
  • We offer product and tool demos, polishing seminars and large group or individual instruction at our shop or yours. 
  • We can have test samples delivered to your door for your intended application. 
  • We also service and repair electric tools.

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For your safety and for the optimum use of our products please observe all safety recommendations.